The best mail converter tool for MBOX to PST migration!

Those who are headed for MBOX to PST conversion must get their hands over Mail Extractor Pro. It is software with the capacity to directly convert your data. It does not require a hand, it automatically takes care of all the aspects of the conversion. Anyone can use it without training, there is no learning curve or any requirement to carry complex manual conversion. Also, it provides a number of new technical facilities that facilitate the conversion of all kinds of data.

Go ahead, convert MBOX to PST with this trusted software

This software simplifies the mail conversion and also provides the most user-oriented features. For instance, the interface is quite helpful for beginners. The user just has to follow the instructions provided by the software and the conversion is underway instantly. It is also compatible with all types of data, so the possibility of corruption of data is nil. Every penny spent of this software is worth it with the features it provides exclusively.

User-friendly interface for everyone

It is quite common for non-experts to feel lost when using a software to MBOX to PST. That is however never the case for the users of this software. The interface guides the users throughout the conversion. Just following the steps as provided by the interface is a guarantee of conversion going smoothly and the output being as per the expectations of the users.

Convert double-byte characters with ease

There is no trouble converting any sort of data using this MBOX to PST converter. One just has to let this software do its task, it is efficient at converting all data. All languages are recognized by this software, including those that use double-byte characters. Languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese use double-byte characters, and files with content in those languages are safe with this software.

Automatically arranges your data in hierarchical order

Folders and subfolders are kept in their proper position by this MBOX to PST converter. Usually one has to arrange the data in the expected sequence after the conversion, not when this software is active though. It makes sure that each file is at its proper place and one does not have to labour to find a file they need at the moment. Also, one does not have to select the files one by one. This software automatically selects all the files, so one does not to spend time doing that.

Splits data and converts data in bulk

If any data files is large and is posing difficulty in its own conversion, this software splits it into smaller parts to facilitate the conversion. It also makes sure that the user’s time is saved from the conversion by allowing batch conversion. One can convert multiple files in a single batch, thus saving on their time in every session.

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In conclusion, this is the most user-friendly MBOX to PST conversion software that provides accurate results at all costs.


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