There is a perfect way to Convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST and it’s with: Mail Extractor Pro

Troubles with converting your email database file from one format to another are never ending. Having the best help at your side when you convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST is the best way to negotiate through these troubles.

And the best help you can get is a third-party converter tool. These converter tools are your best friend to take along with yourself on this journey of converting Thunderbird Mbox to Outlook PST.

Convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST

Answer to the ancient methodology and futile attempts to convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST, third-party converters guarantee a better, safer and more accurate conversion process.

The tools offer you the up to date hand to get your conversion process out of rut. Only thing that comes as a prerequisite with third-party converters is that you need to pick the right one.

Mail Extractor Pro: The right choice

Finding the right converter that fits your attempt to convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST is as hard as the conversion process itself. If you choose the wrong converter tool, then this tough task becomes tougher.

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software, is the current leader of the market when it comes to tools used for converting Thunderbird Mailbox to PST. The tool cuts down all the hard work and time spent in achieving the perfect conversion process. The tool offers the best of everything there is. From accuracy, to speed, to ease, it offers it all.

convert thunderbird mailbox to pst

Leave nothing behind

Safety of your data involved in the process of Converting Thunderbird Mailbox to PST, is a top priority for Mail Extractor Pro. The tool ensures that nothing is left back during the conversion process. To ensure that everything is loaded up for conversion process the tool automates the process of loading up of the email database file.

Since it is fully automated therefore, chances of error involved in the process is zero. Once everything gets on board, the tool starts doing its magic.

Convert Everything Thing Once Loaded

The tool has the best in class conversion accuracy. It converts everything coming its way. Every bit of data is converted down to every single detail of the data.

The conversion accuracy is such that the authenticity of the data is preserved. You get all your data retained and in a different format quickly, effectively and smartly.

The tool converts both the ASCII encoded as well as the typical Unicode data present in your input file. ASCII being the encoding scheme of them majority of data, becomes easier to convert, whereas Unicode being a bit different, becomes a little tricky to convert.

Many converters fail at this step while Converting Thunderbird Mailbox to PST, but not Mail Extractor Pro. It converts the dreaded Unicode data with the same accuracy and precision giving you a safer, smarter and better conversion process.

Get it just for the interface and yes, it’s free

Interface of Mail Extractor Pro is one of its standout features of the tool. The interface of your usual converter tool is harder to operate and makes the process of converting MBOX to PST, even harder.

Mail Extractor Pro provides you with one of the easiest to use interface that makes it easier for you to convert Thunderbird Mailbox to PST by providing you with informative dialog boxes and informative wizards at every step of conversion.

Download the free trial of the mbox to pst conversion tool today.


  1. I am also try many application’s for migrate emails from MBOX file to Outlook PST format because I have no. of clients which have dissimilar MBOX file and I transferring that into Outlook Mailbox. The direct thing is I want to update you that MBOX to PST Tool is the superlative and supports all versions.

    Download link here:


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